Question :how should I proceed?

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Question :how should I proceed?

Post by Vuldem »

I would like to ask how bad is it when I have 2 bad sectors and the 2 errors reported there.
Should I just do the tests from hdsentinel or should I take some more measures?
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Re: Question :how should I proceed?

Post by hdsentinel »

2 bad sectors (even if sounds surprising) can be acceptable as described at

In general, you do not need to worry about those bad sectors as these are already fixed by the hard disk: now the disk uses the spare area instead of these bad sectors, all read and write operations are using a dedicated spare area instead of the original bad sectors. This is called "reallocation".

The problem is that re-allocations may risk data and cause system instability. So having high number of reallocated sectors can be risky - but currently the situation is not serious - the health is probably still high.

I recommend to read the proper sections of the Frequently Asked Questions page:

These describe the recommended steps to analyse the hard disks, reveal and fix any possible issues because the most important is to verify if the drive is stable (there are no more, currently hidden problems).

If the tests show no errors (which means the hard disk is now stable, all possible bad sectors are already re-allocated and fixed this way), it is possible to acknowledge the reported problems and remove them from the text description, to improve the health back to even 100%
as then the software will only report future issues (if there will be).

This is described at
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