Newbie Question

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Newbie Question

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Hi, apologies beforehand for the very clueless sounding text below, but I have a question as a complete layman.

Have a 1 TB Samsung SSD that is supposed to be new except for installing Windows once and refreshing once, plus a game 150 GB large installed twice due to the refresh.

I ran the analysis and it says lifetime writes on my SSD is over 1.5 TB.

Is this normal and expected or is this an SSD that indeed isn't new as marketed by the seller?
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Re: Newbie Question

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Windows installation and update (plus game update) can cause relatively high amount of written data. It depends on many factors, like the Windows version and amount of updates, possible drivers, swapfile usage and etc.
Without knowing the details, hard to say anything for sure about the life / usage of the SSD.

I'd suggest to use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option as then it is possible to check the complete status and advise.
Maybe you can keep an eye on the Lifetime Writes value in Hard Disk Sentinel as it shows the total amount of written data value, just to check how (fast) it may increase during normal use.
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