Add disk WWN to the report

Any new ideas, possible impromevents for future versions.
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Add disk WWN to the report

Post by i3v »

Maybe it would be a good idea to add WWN of each disk to the (Hard Disk Sentinel 0.20b-x64) report.

The motivation is that WWN should, in theory, be a stable, standard and unambiguous, easy to search for.
Although serial numbers, at the first glance, should work even better for this, there could be some difficulties in practice (e.g. like those discussed in the [HDD serial number truncated to just 8 chars] topic.)
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Re: Add disk WWN to the report

Post by hdsentinel »

Thanks for the tip, yes, that may be good idea to add, so will be surely available in a later version (probably together with "long" serial number mentioned in the other topic).
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