Crucial 128 Gb SSD

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Crucial 128 Gb SSD

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After 15 months of using my self built PC running XP pro, it has started to fail with blue screens and corrupt files so I eventually reformated and reinstalled the OS.

I reinstalled XP Pro and it failed again so I installed a new version of Windows 7 with the same outcome. The blue screens reported memory problems and corrupt files so I removed one bank of RAM and then the other replacing the first but the outcome was the same. I then downloaded the free version of HDSentinel and exicuted the exe file to a USB boot stick.
The results from the test indicated that the SSD was perfect with no problems but the highlighted section on the test result only indicated 30%. I have doubts that the test went ahead because the whole test completed within 10 seconds. Is this possible with a disk of 128Gb?

I would appreciate any advice and is the paid for software any better?

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Re: Crucial 128 Gb SSD

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The bootable DOS version of Hard Disk Sentinel does not perform any testing on the device. It just reads and displas the internal health information (which is maintained by the hard disks / SSDs).
As it reported, there are no serious errors with the device - but the SSD memory blocks were worn because of the writes affected this device. All SSDs suffer from this issue. The "wear leveling" function helps a bit but does not eliminate the problem: after some time the SSD device become unusable - but before of that, data may start to disappear or be corrupted, exactly as you can see on your device.

The Windows version of the software can help to diagnose because it has numerous surface tests to verify the reliability of the device. For more information, please check Help -> Hard Disk Tests topic of the Windows version (or online at

Maybe with the Windows version you can use the Report menu Send test report to developer option so I can check the health of the device.
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Re: Crucial 128 Gb SSD

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Have you tried a much later version of Windows? What about installing a new version of Windows 7?
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