Recover Raw Data

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Recover Raw Data

Postby AndreL » 2015.02.15. 09:59

I think its posted here some where but I can't find it.
The data on my drive cannot be read by Windows and every time I access it,Windows say I should format the drive before it can be read.
In Computer Management icon of the drive says RAW data, how can I recover it with HD Sentinel and if I cant' do it with HD Sentinel can you please give me some suggestions on Data Recovery Software.
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Re: Recover Raw Data

Postby hdsentinel » 2015.02.16. 11:42

I'm afraid the MFT/FAT (depending on the file system) of the partiton may be cleared, overwritten or corrupted.
If this happens, the partition seems there - but the file system is not readable.
I'm afraid in such situations, Hard Disk Sentinel can't help, as it does not perform recovery of files/file systems.

If you have drive letter assigned to the partition (eg. D: ), then chkdsk D: /r may fix the partition, as it may be able to process and repair the file system.
But be careful, as in many cases, chkdsk can cause even more troubles (can even cause loss of many files in the partition) so you may try to ask a data recovery specialist - or make a full sector-sector clone first (before attemption chkdsk), just to be sure.
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Re: Recover Raw Data

Postby radzer0 » 2015.03.07. 20:56

I will come in here and just say that using the "EaseUS data recovery wizard" Software ive had VERY good luck with at my shop. Id say 90% of the time as long as you dont have a "clicker" its been able to get data out of a raw format. Just realize that you MUST get a complete deep scan completed or it will not get you complete files.

I know its a little late but I use 3 main softwares for testing and recovery of data.
Sentinel, Western Digital Data lifeguard, And EaseUS. That covers a ton of the stuff I see.
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Re: Recover Raw Data

Postby Kassia » 2019.09.18. 05:24

Hello, maybe the quickest way to recover your data is to apply a data recovery tool, I recommend the Bitwar Data Recovery, its distinctive function is that it can recover raw data. It's free to use and user-friendly. I have used it before to recover my corrupted files. so I think you can also have a try. Hope it can help you get back your data soon.
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