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Status window

Postby karu116 » 2019.05.07. 09:01

There are 6 disks in my Dell Inspiron 3670 PC: one SDD (system disk), two internal HDDs and three external HDDs (MyBook)
In the status window I see only 4 disks - all internal disks and one external.
Right click shows me partition information of all disks.

Question: why there are only 4 disks in Status Window?

Valery Shampal

1. It is not so important and I can manage without it :-)
2. I searched your Forum and did not find an answer :-(
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Re: Status window

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.05.07. 09:33

Because you may had only 4 disks connected when Hard Disk Sentinel first started.
Then it automatically added all disks to the Status Window - but then possible other disks (connected later) are not automatically added, unless you manually add them.

Please open Configuration -> Hard Disk Drives page and use the checkboxes to configure which disk(s) should be displayed in the Status Window.

The idea of the Status Window is to display only (smaller amount) disks, to allow focusing on the most important ones. This is why hard disks connected later not added automatically to it.
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Re: Status window

Postby karu116 » 2019.05.07. 10:51

Thank you so much!

Sorry for my stupidity, but it was in these definitions that I did not go.
On the other hand, I will say in my defense, that I searched Help (search for "status window") and read
"Configuration: Status window" and "Status window" topics - the first two of total 27 search results,
and did not find there an answer to my question.
The right answer was hidden in "Configuration: Hard disk drives" :-)

To say you a truth, the better solution might be to check (I mean, include into Status window)
all new added disks by default. And that's because, as you wrote, one have an option to decide later,
what disks will be shown in Status window.

Anyway, thank you one more time for a fast and so detailed answer!

Best regards,
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