Simple question--how to make alerting stop?

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Simple question--how to make alerting stop?

Postby tired » 2019.05.13. 16:40

I just got two alerts for low disk space. How do I make the alert sound stop, without totally disabling sound alerts? It's not obvious to me how to do this, and I'm getting annoyed.

Edit: I think I have it figured out. When there are no active alerts, the "Disable sound alerts" function completely and permanently disables future alerting sounds. But if there are active alerts, the same function simply turns off the sound for those active alerts, without disabling future alerting sounds.

I'm not sure. Can someone please confirm that I have this right?
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Re: Simple question--how to make alerting stop?

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.05.14. 11:55

Yes, you're absolutely correct (seems you were faster and already found the answer).

When the sound alarm is audible, you can use the "Disable sound alerts" (showing a speaker) button in the main window or right click on the tray icon and select the same "Disable sound alerts" item.
This disables the current sound alert - but then a different disk drive (or a different problem) may trigger new sound alert.

Described in the Help:


"If the Repeat sound alert option is enabled, the application will repeat the sound alert continuously until the user confirms the sound alert by disabling the sound alerts (from the quick menu or from the main window)."
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