Test results for multiple drives

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Test results for multiple drives

Postby mrfish » 2019.07.02. 19:53


New user to the program, and I hope you can help - I ran an extended self-test on two large drives at the same time - it seems I could only have the "Hard Disk Test" progress dialog open for one drive at a time. I had to choose "Background", then I could select the other drive, click the "Hard Disk Test" button to open the progress dialog for the other drive.

Once the test finished, it showed "Successfully Completed" and a close button. What I was looking for was also the test result from the other drive. Based on screenshots I took, it looks like the other drive finished first, but there was no status dialog to check, or result popup.

While trying to find the result - to make sure it passed, I clicked the "Hard Disk Test" > "Extended test" button, wondering if it would show the final status, but it just started a new test, as such I later realised that overwrote where the result would have been on the information tab under "Last Extended Self-test Result".

Is it possible to tell it completed successfully? I couldn't see anything in any logs or the event log. If it did fail, and the progress dialog wasn't open, would it have popped up something else? Or logged something to the log tab?

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Re: Test results for multiple drives

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.07.04. 15:25

Yes, exactly as you can wrote, the test progress window displayed for one disk drive.

The Information page contains the last short/extended self test status:
- the test result
- the test date/time
- the test duration

So for any disk drive, you can check the test results there after completion. The small orange bar on the bottom of each disk selector button shows if the test is still progress - or if it's completed.

If you test higher number of disks, maybe the option Configuration -> Advanced options -> Automatically save disk test results to folder
option can be useful. When enabled, after each test completed, the complete results (and a report-snapshot) automatically saved.
This can be used to re-check the status of any disk and test.
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