ATA checksum invalid

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ATA checksum invalid

Postby Captain-m » 2019.07.31. 17:08

Hello. I have a 500GB Mushkin Triactor, model MKNSSDTR480GB SSD, running Win7 pro, 64-bit. Under the "ATA information" has yellow triangle on the last field says ATA Checksum value as "invalid". Do I need to worry? How can I correct this? Thanks.
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Re: ATA checksum invalid

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.08.01. 12:09

The device is irrelevant. This is related to the disk controller (motherboard) driver.
No, you do not need to worry and there is no need to correct it.

Please look the Help, clearly describes:

Note: Hard Disk Sentinel checks if the ATA information table is completed and the checksum of the table is correct. The latter ensures that the information detected and displayed are correct. If this is not true, it is possible that some values may not be correctly reported by the hard disk (for example the performance value, the UDMA transfer mode and serial ATA properties). There is a warning displayed in these cases:

This may more interesting on older hard disks only.

If you use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option, it is possible to check the actual situation just to be sure, but generally this is not a problem.
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