Platform Timer Resolution

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Platform Timer Resolution

Postby ghostifish » 2019.08.03. 17:49

Is it possible to configure HDSentinel to use the default maximum windows platform timer (15ms) resolution rather than its current/default resolution of 1ms? This would be great for power consumption and efficiency as requesting use of the high precision timer when its not needed is wasteful. Other real-time monitoring software use the low precision timer (15ms) without issue, it would be great if HDS did as well.

Selected extracts from Windows Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report (powercfg.exe /energy)


Platform Timer Resolution:Platform Timer Resolution
The default platform timer resolution is 15.6 ms (15625000 ns) and should be used whenever the system is idle. If the timer resolution is increased, processor power management technologies may not be effective. The timer resolution may be increased due to multimedia playback or graphical animations.
Current Timer Resolution (100 ns units) 10000
Maximum Timer Period (100 ns units) 156250

Platform Timer Resolution:Outstanding Timer Request
A program or service has requested a timer resolution smaller than the platform maximum timer resolution.
Requested Period 10000
Requesting Process ID 10988
Requesting Process Path \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Program Files (x86)\Hard Disk Sentinel\HDSentinel.exe


Platform Timer Resolution:Timer Request Stack
The stack of modules responsible for the lowest platform timer setting in this process.
Requested Period 10000
Requesting Process ID 10988
Requesting Process Path \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Program Files (x86)\Hard Disk Sentinel\HDSentinel.exe
Calling Module Stack \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
\Device\HarddiskVolume4\Program Files (x86)\Hard Disk Sentinel\HDSentinel.exe
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Re: Platform Timer Resolution

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.08.05. 17:23

Generally the highes possible precision used to provide accurate real-time performance data and values on the "Performance" page.
For this, yes, Hard Disk Sentinel uses the high precision timer in order to calculate the numbers correctly.

The idea you wrote seems interesting and would need to examine the possibilities, discuss the details, so please contact in info (at) hdsentinel (dot) com
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