Can HD Sentinel Make A Drive Image?

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Can HD Sentinel Make A Drive Image?

Postby Chippoka » 2019.08.21. 13:44

Can the file copy/backup feature task be used to create a clone image of my C:\ drive (including the EFI partition) onto a new drive which my system will recognize and boot from? One the currently active HD, I've done the surface scan and fixed 168 pending blocks and recovered one bad block. The idea here is to eventually replace my old C:\ hard drive with the a new SSD. Thanks for any help on this matter.
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Re: Can HD Sentinel Make A Drive Image?

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.09.02. 12:35

No, Hard Disk Sentinel does not make drive image.
With Hard Disk Sentinel copy (backup project) function, we'd need to focus on the most important data to be saved.

Apart from that, please be careful. The problem with cloning a non-perfect drive is that you may get corrupted system, maybe file(s) could be damaged which you did not notice. So generally I'd recommend cloning/mirroring only perfect, 100% drives - and then focus on backup of important data only.
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