Status Window on Win10 Problem

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Status Window on Win10 Problem

Postby evb » 2019.09.03. 03:35

Greetings, been using HDS for years and happy registered customer. First time using on Windows 10 and I've encountered a problem with the status window.

When the status window is enabled, the background is transparent, it is not clickable, no "X" on the window border.

The fonts and colors change interactively, however no effect when the transparent, click through options etc. I am not able to move the status window.

This is on a three monitor system using dual NVidia P2000 cards.

Transparency slider has no effect.

I've tried OS disabling all monitors, removing all HD Sentinel entries from the registry, completely removing/reinstalling, and deleting HDsentinel.ini in the program files directly.

Other than that, the product is working flawlessly as always.

Thank you.
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Re: Status Window on Win10 Problem

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.09.03. 09:50

Sorry for the possible confusion, but I can confirm that this is NOT the status window, just looks similar (has same kind of information).

You enabled the option to "Display information on desktop" on the configured screen coordinates.
In this case, the information (which would be displayed in the Status Window) is drawn directly on Windows Desktop on these coordinates.
As it is not really a "window", of course it can't be moved / closed. To "move", you can adjust the X/Y coordinates.

Please disable the "Display information on desktop" option to hide this and then in the main window, click on the 3rd button in the button bar (small blue window showing a hard disk drive) to show the *real* Status Window. It can be moved, closed and should work as expected ;)

> Transparency slider has no effect.

Yes, because it affects the real Status Window only.
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Re: Status Window on Win10 Problem

Postby evb » 2019.09.03. 20:34

Ah, thank you. Not "possible" confusion... total confusion on my part! My apologies and thanks for the answer.

I did notice that the "Show Status Window" button on the main dialog gives me what I was looking for (my status window back).

Now that I think about it the "Display Information" and "Status Window" are indeed two different functions.

I guess the confusion stemmed from that dialog box being called "Status Window" and the button in the main window being called "Show Status Window" when you hover over it.

In all and after many years, I continue to be totally impressed with your product!

Regards! :-)
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