Write Error Rate (Raw)

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Write Error Rate (Raw)

Postby Outis » 2019.10.28. 17:41


Almost two weeks ago I noticed HDSentinel predicting failure of my external Seagate Expansion harddrive (ST10000DM0004 inside) because of the "Write Error Rate" attribute. Almost all its values (Current, Worst, Threshold) were 1, except for the Raw Value, which was 0!
After some time the health changed to 100%, and "Write Error Rate" values changed too: Current - 100, Worst - 1, Threshold - 1 (Raw Value was still 0). I did a surface check and there were no weak/bad sectors or any problems.

It stayed like this until today, when it's again "Predicted Failure" with almost all values are 1 (again except the Raw Value, which is still 0).

My confusion is because of the Raw Value, why it's 0? Is it normal?
P.S. The harddrive is new, it was bought only 3 weeks ago...
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Re: Write Error Rate (Raw)

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.10.30. 09:24

Sounds interesting.

Generally yes, the "Value" should depend on the raw "Data" field, so in theory yes, the "Data" field should increase when the Value changes. Interesting that it remains 0, while the Value field changed from 100 to 1 and then back again.

Can you please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option? Then it is possible to check the status of the disk drive, verify the attributes and the current situation. This may give further thoughts about what happened with your disk which can cause the changing values.
Maybe related to an incompatibility between the disk drive and the USB controller/chipset.

If you can send multiple reports (when the Value is different) then I can examine the different status values reported by the disk drive and investigate what can be in the background.

Yes, disk testing is always a good idea ( https://www.hdsentinel.com/faq.php#tests ) to verify the situation: confirm if the drive is working correctly or reveal any possible issues.
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