" Facing a problem in my Kingston SSD "

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" Facing a problem in my Kingston SSD "

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i have bought a kingston ssd 960GB, i tested in CrystalDiskinfo to take a quick look in Read/Write here are:

550 Read / 450-470 Write, it has linked in the kingston software too that shown 100% all things,

well, my problem when i setup windows 10 twice time, because the first one was old than this, however, health now back to 99% in Hard disk sentinal Program, also every update from windows10 ( i have installed all windows updates ) now it go down until 75%

now we can say the status of my ssd

99% Health
75% Performance

actually, may when i re-installed the windows for two times health go down 1% ? ( No bad sectors )
but on Sentinal Hard disk got an error message ( Take a look in my screen pls )

Need help for this if anyone can help,

Edit: First windows Performance was 100% , after installed updates go to 80%
When i install the new windows for the second time performance was 100%, now after installed updates get down to 75% Performance

Thank you!
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