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WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0 - "Disks ?" > 1 & Heads ? > 2

Posted: 2023.08.18. 19:19
by xxyz10035
I'd like to ask for adding the information for your database:
Caviar Blue

It has 1 disk (plate).
6.01 version has no information on these parameters.

And two heads:
"This 1TB Blue drive uses a single 1TB platter spinning at 7200rpm. There are 2 heads (each side is 500GB)."

Actually, none of official WD specs list for Blue series contain number of plates. (the latest 2019 brochure) (2015)
From what I found, benchmarks can also be an indicator of number of plates as well.

One AliExpress auction lists two plates, but the info was based on some other Russian site, and it's probably a mistake. Much more sources say it's one plate (and that's what I found years ago too).
Https:// wd10ezex/ (all Googled results with that site say it's two plates, so it was the allegedly mistaken source)

"the Blues are the only 7200rpm drives from WD to use single 1TB platters, meaning only 1 platter per drive"
from what I found, benchmarks can be also an indicator of number of plates as well.

Besides official specs sheets, that site sometimes lists a number of platters and heads for a specific model (doesn't for this one):

Is there any possibility to access your database listing the number of disks for all models?

I'm mainly interested in 1TB models, as probably none of 2TB models exist with only 1 plate.

Heard it can be a good parameter for longer durability of the HDD.


- Number of "plates" seem to be more appropriate name for currently used "Disks" (at least judging by how various specs lists that parameter in Google). Another possible is platters, but "Disks" is pretty much misleading at this point.

- Please add hex to dec option also in dedicated option menu, not only via RBM of S.M.A.R.T.

- Please add a prompt on first start of application whether you want to use Sentinel's icons of drives in Computer instead of automatically setting it enabled.

List of WD 1TB/per platter drives (1TB):
Green (WD10EURX), Blue (WD10EZEX), Red (WD10EFRX), Purple: (WD10PURZ), Black (WD1003FZEX), Gold (WD1005FBYZ)

Hitachi 7K1000.D (slower than EZEX)
And Seagate had at least one such model.