Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Introduction

Thank you very much for using Hard Disk Sentinel software. Hard Disk Sentinel designed to monitor, analyse, report, reveal and fix possible problems related to the storage system: detect and monitor hard disks, SSDs, SSHDs (hybrid disk drives), pendrives, memory cards, SATADOM devices and even tape drives too. The main goal is to detect both health, temperature and statistical information, performance degradations and predict possible disk failure - and allow time to prepare for planned replacement of storage devices. By using this software, we can avoid data corruption or serious data loss.

Please read this documentation carefully. In the following chapters all functions and features of Hard Disk Sentinel will be described.

Device support

Hard Disk Sentinel supports not only hard disks, but numerous other devices including SSDs, flash media in general and also provides method to monitor Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices too. The goal was (instead of making separate tools for different devices) to provide one single solution with a standard environment, to allow users to diagnose, monitor, report and repair problems with all kind of storage devices. Using different tools for hard disks, SSDs and many other devices may require more resources and could be confusing - this is why it is better to have a single solution and a standard way to keep an eye on the disk drives storing valuable data.

Hard Disk Sentinel supports over 10000 different device models, hard disks, SSDs, hybrid drives, RAID controllers, internal/external enclosures and so.