Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Main window

From the main window of Hard Disk Sentinel it is possible to access all features and functions by using the main menu or the quick buttons.

Main window with hard disk information

The upper left area contains the list of detected physical disk drives with a quick info about the status (health and temperature). The list contains hard disks, SSDs, hybrid drives and so, including pendrives and memory card readers. Generally the order of the drives follow the list of disk drives as appear in Windows Disk Management to help identification (except when RAID configuration found by Hard Disk Sentinel and the RAID members displayed - while Windows Disk Management shows only the RAID volume), so devices (even empty card readers) are displayed here by default. After right click, it is possible to customize the list: specify if smaller/larger buttons should be displayed (with different amount of information on them) and also it is possible to uncheck devices to hide them from this list.

The lower left area shows the list of logical drives and their total/free capacity. In addition to physical disk drives, this may contain other drives (for example remote/network drives). By right click (as for the physical disks) it is possible to customize the list.

The horizontal splitter between the top and bottom lists can be used to modify the size of the different panels. If any physical or logical disk is selected by the left mouse button, the details of the disk or drive are displayed on the right, larger information panel.

In the selector panels, the list of drives are updated periodically. This way the quick information of the disks (temperature, condition or free space) reflect the actual, most recent status.

The splitter between the selector and the information panels can be used to change the sizes of these two areas. Note: the application automatically saves the position and size of this window and the position of the splitters. This way next time the window will be displayed as it was previously used.

On the information panel, the details of the currently selected physical disk or logical drive are displayed.

The main menu has the following options:

When the mouse pointer is moved over the quick buttons under the main menu, the function of the buttons are displayed in a hint window. By using the buttons, it is possible to do the following tasks: