Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Configuration: Preferences


It is possible to control some global options of Hard Disk Sentinel.

Display status window at start: the status window should or should not appear automatically when the application is started. Hiding or showing the status window will change this option also (if the window was hidden and the application is re-started, the status window will not be displayed automatically).

Load with Windows: should Hard Disk Sentinel be started every time when Windows boots and the user logs in. It is recommended to use this function because this way the status of hard disks are constantly analysed. By the Pre-start delay option it is possible to configure a delay before first accessing the hard disk drives, especially useful if the system loads high number of other applications on startup as the option allows more time to the system to load and initialise everything.

Display main screen when launched: automatically show the main window when the application is launched. Note: this option can be disabled only in the registered version. In the unregistered version the main window is automatically displayed every time on start.

Show application on task bar also: if any window of Hard Disk Sentinel is open (except the status window), the application is displayed on the task bar, next to other running applications. If this option is disabled, only the tray icons are displayed next to the clock, even if there is one or more windows of the application is open.

It is possible to configure the language to be used in the interface and in all reports, mails and messages. The temperature unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit) can be configured and it is possible to select the transferred data unit (MB, GB or TB, multiplies of 1024) to be used on the performance information page of all hard disks. Moreover the physical hard disk and partition size units can be configured.