Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Configuration: Thresholds / tray icon

Thresholds and tray icon settings

On this page it is possible to set the visual appearance of the tray icons depending on the temperature of the device. Each levels have corresponding colors: green, yellow, red - to indicate the relation of the temperature compared the threshold levels.

These global thresholds applied to all devices, unless one (or more) may have defined custom temperature threshold at the Temperature page. Then the custom thresholds used for the particular devices to display the icon and trigger alert (when the threshold reached).

By default, the icon displays the current temperature value of the hard disk (with alternating "flashing" the health symbol: Alerts if the health value is under the configured threshold).

The colors can be configured in three different steps: it is possible to configure the foreground and background color for low temperature (green level), high temperature (red level) and temperature between the low and high settings (yellow level). The threshold values for low and high temperatures can be configured on this page. Any background or foreground color can be transparent. For this, please specify RED=254, GREEN=254, BLUE=255 in the "Define Custom Colors" dialog. This color will be transparent on both the status window and the tray icon.

It is possible to display a symbol regarding the disk health on the tray icon also. It can be Green (perfect, in case of high health value), Red (poor, in case of low condition) or Yellow (acceptable, between the two thresholds). It is possible to select when the health symbol should be displayed - for example to display only if the health is too low (default setting).

If both the temperature and health symbol display is enabled, these two images displayed by turns (for one second, the temperature value is displayed and for one second the symbol of the current health value is displayed). This "flashing" may attract the attention of the user - but it can be disturbing. It is recommended to keep the default setting: to flash the tray icon only in case of a problem.

Note:different devices may have custom health thresholds configured too on the Overview page. These work like the custom temperature thresholds, overriding the default health level thresholds when the status and alert conditions need to be determined.