Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Configuration: Operations

These functions are available only in the PROFESSIONAL version.


By using Hard Disk Sentinel PRO version, it is possible to define various tasks (projects) and schedule them to be executed regularly. The defined projects can be executed in case of some events, for example in case of a low disk health value. It is possible to execute two or more different projects at the same time or sequentially (run a project after the the other project is completed). The projects are usually data archiving operations but it is possible to define different kind of projects also.

First, a short, brief name is required for the backup project (this cannot be changed later). By clicking the New button, the user may enter this name and the project details are displayed - the fields are now empty.

By using the Remove button, the currently displayed project can be deleted from the list of projects if it is not needed any more. Note: if the project was associated with one or more dates or events, the user must confirm the remove operation. Please be careful when removing a project which had other project(s) linked in a sequence.

The user can enter some descriptive text about the real function of the project into the Comment field. If the project needs a confirmation question before execution, the name and this comment will be displayed the user - who can decide if the project can be executed or the project should be cancelled.

The type of the project can be:

Note: the following versions may have more, different project types.

The Start now button can be used to launch the project immediately. Always use the Save button before clicking on this button to store any modified options for the project.

By using the Create shortcut for project on the desktop button, Hard Disk Sentinel will create a shortcut onto the desktop for the current selected project. The shortcut can be used to launch the associated project (even if Hard Disk Sentinel is not active). Note: if the project contains variables, the variables are evaluated at the time of creating the shortcut. So it is recommended to not use variables in projects designed to run manually or use only constant variables (for example %COMPUTER%). Note: this function is available only in the registered version.

The Save button should be used to store the modified configuration. This will save the current list of projects, the list of defined schedules and the list of defined events. It is recommended to use this button frequently because some options are available only if the backup configuration was saved. By using the Restore default projects button, it is possible to reload the previously saved backup configuration. It may be helpful to recover from an accidental erase or modification.

After the backup projects are defined, they should be connected to different time on different days on the schedule page or to different events. Such event can be the panic backup. It will be executed in case on any problem found with any hard disk and the panic backup start option is enabled for that problem on the alerts page.