Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Configuration: Operations, Schedule

These functions are available only in the PROFESSIONAL version.

Schedule of projects

Different project list can be defined for every days of the week. From the menu next to Launch on the user can choose the day of the week to examine the defined projects and add/review the configuration.

By using the suspend on next such day it is possible to disable all projects on the following selected day. For example, if the current day selected and displayed is Tuesday and this option is selected, the projects scheduled for tuesday will not be executed on next tuesday. This way it is possible to temporarily disable the projects for a planned service. After the day is passed (eg. after the next Tuesday), the application will be automatically restored into normal mode and all projects will run as before. This way the administrator will not need to worry about manually disabling and then re-enabling the projects after the service has completed.

The red X under the Delete can be used to remove the corresponding project from the list. Of course, the project itself will not be deleted, it can be selected again any time later to add into a project list. Then (from left to right) the project number is displayed. This is important only if the user wants to create a project chain (execute projects sequentially, one after one).

Under the Project, the name of the project is displayed. The user may select the project to be executed from the list of previously created projects.

In the Start column it is possible to set when the project should be executed. The possible options are:

If the Ask before run option is selected, the project will not be executed automatically. Instead, a confirmation window is displayed with the name and comment of the project and the user must allow the project to start. This way the user may delay the execution of the project (and all projects depending on this one) by waiting before pressing the button. If he cancels the execution, the project and all depending projects will not be started. Note: this option can be disabled only in the registered version. The unregistered version always needs confirmation for the project execution.

By unchecking the Enabled option, the project will be disabled and it will not be started. This way a project can be disabled for a longer time - without removing from the project list. Note: if one or more projects depend on the disabled project, such projects will not be executed also. Hard Disk Sentinel displays a warning about this situation and the user may review the configuration.

Click on the Add new project to the list at the end of the list to add new project to the daily schedule.