Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Transfer files and folders

If the project is configured to "transfer files and folders" in the project configuration window, the internal archiver module is used for archiving. During the process, a progress window is displayed with the current step (eg. transfer files, verify archive, etc.) and the current status and remaining time are displayed - if the Calculate the amount of data to be copied option was enabled.

Project is running (archiving files)

The execution can be cancelled by the Cancel button. In such case, Hard Disk Sentinel creates a report (if the report creation option was enabled) about that the user has cancelled the current running project. All other projects depending on the cancelled project will not be started. Note: in some cases the process may still run for some seconds before stopping.

The X (close) button can be used to close (hide) this progress window. This will not stop the running operation, the flashing disk icon on the system tray will indicate that the operation is still running:

Showing backup status on tray

Hard Disk Sentinel displays the current operation, step and progress if the mouse pointer is moved over this tray icon. The full progress window can be displayed by a click with left mouse button (and this will also hide the tray icon).

Note: after the project execution has completed, the status or problem information is saved into project_log.txt file in the folder of Hard Disk Sentinel. It is recommended to examine this file in case of a problem.