Hard Disk Sentinel Help - Configure Network Attached Storage (NAS) disk monitoring

In addition to monitoring, diagnosing disk drives directly connected to the actual configuration, it is possible to monitor drives connected over the network: to monitor Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. By default NAS devices provide no ways to identify the actual hard disk model, the temperature, health and further status information - but by extending the function of the NAS device, it is possible to create periodic report(s), called Status source on the NAS itself, which can be read, interpreted and displayed by Hard Disk Sentinel. This way drives in the NAS can be monitored like if they'd be connected directly to the actual computer. Network attached storage drives displayed with light orange color in the list of physical drives in the main window.

Please check the website: How to: monitor Network Attached Storage (NAS) status for detailed information, instructions, step-by-step guide and images illustrating the whole procedure. Note: this function can be used only in the registered Professional version.