Monitor hard disk status of D-Link DNS327L NAS

In this guide we describe how to configure Hard Disk Sentinel Professional to monitor status of hard disks managed by D-Link DNS327L NAS device. The solution is nearly same with other D-Link NASes too and gives generic information about set up monitoring of Network Attached Storage with Hard Disk Sentinel Professional.

Preparing the NAS

We assume that two hard disks already inserted, formatted by the NAS and they are generally readable (shared) over the network, so there are no network, user permissions or other similar issues.

In order to extend the functionality of the NAS, it is required to add SSH and vtCRON add-ons. Please open http://dlink.vtverdohleb.org.ua/Add-On/index.php (where you may find valuable extensions for the NAS too) and download OpenSSH and vtCron add-ons.
You may download and extract directly both from this link: DNS 327L SSH and vtCron add-ons

Creating the Status Source by Hard Disk Sentinel Linux

Now every 10 minutes, the complete status of the hard disk drives detected and report saved to the shared Volume_1 folder. If things are fine, in 10 minutes the hdsreport.html file should appear there and if you open the contents in a browser, you may see something like this:

Hard Disk Sentinel HTML report about NAS hard disk

Load status source in Hard Disk Sentinel Pro

In Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, please select File menu -> Configure NAS Disk Monitoring.

If we'd have the network shared path ( \\DLINK-2C06B0\Volume_1\ ) already mapped as a network drive, then we'd only need to click on the Auto Detect button: then Hard Disk Sentinel Professional could automatically use the created hdsreport.html file as status source.

Now assume there is no mapped network drive, so click on Browse and in the network locations, we would need to manually select the network path where the hdsreport.html file is located.

Browse and open Status Source in Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

After the detection (or manual adding the Status Source, the configured network path displayed, indicating that 2 hard disks found in it:

Status source contains two hard disks

And after clicking OK, Hard Disk Sentinel Professional reads the status source and displays the hard disks just like other internal hard disks (and NVMe SSDs in this example):

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro showing NAS disk drive with complete status

If you still have the PUTTY window open (so the SSH connection is still active) you may verify the status by entering ./hdsentinelarm to detect and display complete status:

NAS hard disk status detected by Hard Disk Sentinel Linux

This shows that the hard disk model, serial number, actual status and possible errors, health, temperature detected and reported.



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