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As the version offered previously was older than the current latest, the support of newer devices (hard disks, SSDs, RAID controllers, Windows versions may not be complete and accurate.

If you prefer to have the latest possible updated versions (with a lifetime license with lifetime free updates and complete support),

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Our users wrote:


Your software Hard Disk Sentinel is a really fantastic software, well done and meet all the demands concerning HDDs and SSDs. Many hard disk drive utilities are inconvenient and half-done; I've been happy to find the differ one.
- Ilya Zaidel, editor 3DNews.ru


I just tried Hard Disk Sentinel and it's great. I love it. I have tried a bunch of tools and yours is clrearly the best out there, fantastic software!
- Christian Busch


I install Hard Disk Sentinel standard one on a few customers computers (I run a computer repair shop in New Zealand), and have many people that has purchased it after seeing it working. It's a great program that can solve so many problems with hard disk errors (install of OS, Slow loading etc) as it's quick to pick up errors.
I rely on it alot with my systems and my business.
- Thomas O connell - Owner TC Computers (NZ)


I was looking for this program for a long time. If I would have HD Sentinel before some of my info would never not had been lost. Love your work.
- Ciprian Sorin



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