Two Scans Simultaneously different ???

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Two Scans Simultaneously different ???

Postby lacaca » 2019.01.21. 12:05

Love your software. But I have been having problems with an external usb drive and at this very moment somehow, HDS is doing 2 separate scans of the same drive in which one has all green squares and the other has 20 or so red squares. The only difference in the scans is one I configured to do a random check. When the scan "hung" yesterday, I started another one because I couldn't close out of it. I don't know how to post screen shots, etc. I think this is a bug right. I have re-initialized this drive, and done many scans with nothing ever seeming wrong with it. But it just disappears from windows explorer, and I have to plug it in over and over. I think it's probably the power / cable and the drive is fine. But suddenly on this one scan I have 27 bad clusters. The scan that is going on right next to it says there are none.
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Re: Two Scans Simultaneously different ???

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.01.21. 16:36

Thanks for your message.
Sorry for the possible issue, but of course NO, there is absolutely no bug/problem with the software.

> I think it's probably the power / cable and the drive is fine

Yes, I completely agree, I also think so.

Of course if the drive is not responding (for example by a cable/connection issue), it is completely normal and expected that
- the disk test window (generally any software which attempts to access the disk) seems not responding "hung" while waiting for the device
- after some time, the device may disconnected, disappears from Windows Explorer
- all further disk access attempts are invalid, so the remaining blocks are RED, to confirm that there was an error during the test. The bottom of the test window likely displayed the problem/error, for example "The disk/resource is no longer available" or similar, to suggest that the disk is no longer connected.

But this is not a bug of Hard Disk Sentinel of course, it works completely as expected: just when it lost the communication with the drive, it can't perform/continue of course.

In some situations, the USB adapter/enclosure may overheat and got stuck (happens if used intensively, for example to test disk(s) for longer time).

Yes, if such happens, it is good idea to re-run the test, to verify the situation - or confirm if the drive is generally working correctly.
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Need Help Regarding My HD Helath?

Postby alihaider » 2019.01.27. 05:52

Sorry for posting in Reply, because i didn't found any option for making new Post. :?:
After Running test it is showing only 13% health of my hard disk. while the performance is 100%. it is showing 156 Bad sector and 290 weak sectors, and estimated remaining life time is only 22 days. :( Is my harddrive going to dead? But after doing Surface repair test(read repair test ) which was successful , it is still showing 13% health. What to do now? I am attaching screen shots of the reports. Guys i need your support. :)
rpr hdd.JPG
Repair Test
rpr hdd.JPG (167.13 KiB) Viewed 1909 times
HD overview.JPG
Health Status.
HD overview.JPG (73.01 KiB) Viewed 1909 times
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Re: Need Help Regarding My HD Helath?

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.01.29. 12:48

Yes of course, this is completely normal and expected.

The purpose of the Disk Repair test is to stabilize the disk surface, repair any problematic (pending, weak) sectors (as described when you select the test in Disk menu -> Surface test option).

However, it does NOT automatically clear possible error counters, for example the count of bad sectors, which are no longer used (the spare area used instead of them). You can clear them manually any time of course: now, after the disk test finished and there are no issues (so the disk is generally stable) you can do any time.

Please check Support -> Frequently Asked Questions -> How to repair hard disk drive? How to eliminate displayed hard disk problems?
( )
which designed exactly for this situation: to describe that after a successful test, how to clear error counter(s) and restore the health by using the Offset column on the S.M.A.R.T. page for the attributes.

If you use Repot menu -> Send test report to developer option, I can see which attribute(s) are affected and the current counters so I can help with step-by-step instructions about how to improve the situation.
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Re: Two Scans Simultaneously different ???

Postby Ridding » 2019.02.05. 16:34

It's understandable that you can't get the exact same results, but what's the margin of error that you can consider pretty much the same when you look at the results of two scans? I hope I'm explaining myself well enough.
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