Add-on: Linux Desktop Installers

The following packages allow launching Hard Disk Sentinel Linux version directly from the Desktop. The packages install Hard Disk Sentinel shortcut which can be used quickly and easily to get hard disk details.

There are different installers available for different Linux distributions. Make sure to select the proper package for your system.

Thanks for Marc Sayer for his hard work, making and sharing these packages!

Linux installers: Hard Disk Sentinel and Linux version matrix
Contains general information about the different Linux distributions

Linux SXF Installers

70x70 Gnome
Tested in the following
  • Ubuntu 16.04/14/04
  • Fedora 23.10 Gnome & Cinnamon
  • Manjaro 2015.11 Budgie
  • Zorin 7.0/9.1
  • Debian 8.4 Cinnamon
  • OpenSUSE-Tubleweed 2016.06 Gnome
  • Mint 17.3 Cinnamon
  • MintDE 2015.03 Cinnamon
  • CentOS 6.8
  • Manjaro 16.06 Gnome & Cinnamon


Also use Gnome installer for Zorin, Budgie, Cinnamon and Unity

70x70 Mate
Tested in the following
  • Mate Ubuntu 16.04
  • Mint 17.03
  • MintDE 2015.03
  • PCLinuxOS 2016.06 (use xterm-su installers)
  • Manjaro 15.12 Mate

70x70 KDE
Tested in the following
  • Kubuntu 16.04
  • CentOS 7
  • PCLinuxOS 2016.04 (use kde-su installers)
  • OpenSUSE 42.1
  • Mint 17.3
  • Fedora 23.10

70x70 LXDE
Tested in the following
  • Lubuntu 16.04
  • Zorin 7.1 Lite
  • Mint 12
  • Manjaro 16.03
  • PCLinuxOS 2016.06 (use xterm-su installers)
  • Fedora 23.10
  • Debian 8.5

70x70 XFCE
Tested in the following
  • Xubuntu 16.04
  • Mythbuntu 16.04
  • Mint 17.03
  • Manjaro 16.06
  • PCLinuxOS 2016.06 (use xfce-su installers)
  • Fedora 23.10
  • Debian 8.5

70x70 LXQt
Tested in the following
  • PCLinuxOS 2016.01 (use xterm-su installers)

70x70 Deepin
Tested in the following
  • Manjaro 16.06 Deepin
  • Deepin 15.2

70x70 Enlightenment/Moksha
Tested in the following
  • Bodhi 3.2.0 & 3.2.1
  • Manjaro 15.11 Enlightnement

70x70 Xterm
  • Xterm is essentially the universal terminal emulator
  • Comes with many distros and is easy to install in any distro
  • Essentially the universal sudo installer
  • This HDS installer requires sudo

70x70 Xterm-su
  • Will work with most distros w/o sudo
  • This HDS installer requires Xterm & the root password
  • Essentially the universal non-sudo installer

Any of the su versions of the installers will work with distros that include sudo. So if you want to avoid usng sudo, you can use the appropriate su verions of the installers, or use the xterm-su versions if there isn't a desktop specific su version mentioned above.

Linux Desktop Installers (Previous distribution) page contains packages built in 2014, they are also listed for reference.



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