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Product Comparison

Hard Disk Sentinel application is shareware. Download Hard Disk Sentinel Trial version to examine the application and test its functionality and verify hardware compatibility. If you like this software, register it after evaluation to get highest level of data protection, use all features and to get full support. The differences between the trial, the Standard and the Professional versions:

FeatureTrialStandard ProfessionalEnterprise
Displaying disk and partition informationYesYesYesYes
Support IDE/SATA/SCSI/SAS/USB drivesYesYesYesYes
Display status on tray, disk icons, sidebarYesYesYesYes
Run as Application or ServiceYesYesYesYes
Hardware disk testsNoYesYesYes
Hard disk seek time, stress testsNoYesYesYes
XML export, API for developersNoYesYesYes
Information by web browserNoYesYesYes
Customizable interface and reportsNoYesYesYes
Backup and restore configuration, statisticsNoYesYesYes
Password protectionNoYesYesYes
Wide range of alerts (e-mail, sound, message, etc.)NoYesYesYes
Daily status reportsNoYesYesYes
Clock synchronization with atomic clockNoYesYesYes
Hot keys to reach featuresNoYesYesYes
SMART parameter offset calibrationNoYesYesYes
Surface checkNoYesYesYes
Complete surface analysis, refresh, reinitialise, repairNoNoYesYes
Industry-standard data destructionNoNoYesYes
Monitor Network Attached Storage (NAS)NoNoYesYes
Monitor Windows disk-related events/errorsNoNoYesYes
Portable version (no installation required)NoNoYesYes
Perform scheduled backup projectsNoNoYesYes
Panic backup - backup upon failure or problemNoNoYesYes
Burn data to CD/DVD by NERONoNoYesYes
Compress files by WinRAR or 7-ZIPNoNoYesYes
Export registry sectionsNoNoYesYes
Transfer files by FTP or e-mailNoNoYesYes
Scheduled hardware disk testsNoNoYesYes
Tray icon / report in service mode with non-admin userNoNoYesYes
Provide complete status by WMI or XML for developersNoNoYesYes
Remote monitoring over networkNoNoNoYes
Remote disk management (tests, acoustics)NoNoNoYes
Remote disk and system informationNoNoNoYes
Global and individual logs for remote systemsNoNoNoYes
License priceFree trialEUR 18
(USD $19.50)
EUR 28
(USD $29.95)
From EUR 159.95
(USD $199.50)


To receive registration code and use all features of the software, use secure order at our financial partner, Share-it service. To initiate the transaction, select the "Buy Now" button under the column of the selected version (Standard or Professional). Your registration key will be immediately delivered during the registration. By using this registration key, you can register and activate the product on the computer you want to protect with Hard Disk Sentinel. The entire process needs only a few minutes.

Each computer (PC, Desktop, Server or Notebook) requires a license.

A purchased license will be applicable to all future versions (including 5.30, 5.40, 5.50, 6.00, 7.00 and later) of Hard Disk Sentinel of the same license type (Standard or Professional) and all new functions will be available for existing registered users.

Benefits of Registration

  • Obtain the registration code to enable all functions in minutes. Unlock much more features, functions and configurable options.

  • Free life-of-product technical support and help.

  • Lifetime License! Never pay again for any new versions (of the same type)!

  • Recover lost registration key any time.

  • No annoying registration notice.

  • No time or other forms of limitations on usage.

Finally, your registration enables us to improve our software and continue developing high quality products in the future. If you like this software or want to see new features, please consider registration.

Corporate Version

It is possible to order a Corporate version of Hard Disk Sentinel. It is easier to install on large number of computers without the need of manual registration and activation. The package is already registered to your company (you can provide details before purchasing). Also it is possible to pre-configure the application and the installed software will be automatically configured (for example, alerts, thresholds, administrator e-mail address and other options will be configured). This way there is no need to manually configure the application on each computers after installation.

If you want to order a such Corporate version, please let us know and tell us the number of computers and the type of software (Standard or PROFESSIONAL) you want to use with the corporate license.

Secure order of Hard Disk Sentinel

Secure order of Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL

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