Add-ons, Extensions for Hard Disk Sentinel

The following pages offer special add-ons, external files and extensions designed to Hard Disk Sentinel software. Thanks so much for our users for sharing their hard work and if you prefer to have your work listed here, please just contact us.

Currently the following add-ons are available for download:

Icon Library Maker tool to create custom icon sets for Hard Disk Sentinel. Made by SKAGON

Ready-to-use custom icon sets for Hard Disk Sentinel. Made by SKAGON

Windows sidebar gadget to show hard disk and general status of a remote computer. Made by KRAMTTOCS

Images, boxshots and artwork of Hard Disk Sentinel

Linux additions to launch Hard Disk Sentinel from the desktop. Made by Marc Sayer

Monitor hard disk status by Hard Disk Sentinel with Nagios Made by Guilherme Orcutt and Jakob Hirschl

Powershell examples to process status and send Pushover alerts Made by Mitchell K. and Kevan L. B.

PowerShell script for Checkmk to use Hard Disk Sentinel information for monitoring. Made by Eckebusch

Are you interested in creating or sharing an extension which you feel to be useful for users?
Contact us for help in development and testing and supporting your hard work!



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