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Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise is a complete software solution for remotely manage hard disk/solid state disk in client computers over the network. The package comes with a centralised management software (the Enterprise Server itself) and a client software: Hard Disk Sentinel Professional or Hard Disk Sentinel silent client which is installed on the client computers (hosts) and collects hard disk health, temperature, free space and system related information. Such information are displayed in the single management console called Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server.

Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server can filter, show, sort, arrange hard disk status information in different ways so the network administrator is immediately notified about problem related to hard disk or SSD drive used in the client computers, allowing the opportunity to check and improve the situation.

By using Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server, it is possible to quickly make list of the hottest hard disk drives or all hard disk drives with low health in all managed clients (hosts) to make preventative maintenance. Moreover, alerts can be configured for various events, and it is possible to start tests remote on hard disks (even all   hard disks in all   hosts) by some single clicks.


  • the client computers (hosts) should have Registered Hard Disk Sentinel software installed. It can be Hard Disk Sentinel Professional or the special "silent" client which has no user interface, just provides information for Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server

  • the Accept remote connections from server option (Configuration -> Integration) must be enabled. The connection port should be the same for the client and the server (different clients may have different port settings but the same must be configured for each client on the server)

  • Server side: 1024x768 or larger display resolution is recommended to display all details, especially if managing lots of hosts and/or high number of hard disk drives.


Upon interest, we offer complete, latest, fully functional evaluation package which can be used to examine functionality, features, hardware compatibility without obligations. Please contact us for this trial package.


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