Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition (FREE)

By using the DOS edition of Hard Disk Sentinel, it is possible to examine the temperature and health information (and more) of IDE and S-ATA hard disks connected to motherboard or external controller cards and modify acoustic level of such disks. This edition can only be used if the system is running DOS (for example started from a DOS boot floppy disk). Under Windows DOS-box it is NOT working.

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS version

List of features

The following information are displayed:

Starting from version 1.00.5

Starting from version 0.04

Because of direct access of hard disks (instead of using drivers), the detection may be better under DOS. For example, all disk information of all disks connected to SiI 0680 controller are displayed under DOS - but under Windows, this controller may provide only limited information. It is also possible to detect and display information about disks in some RAID arrays (for example SiImage).

When the application closes, the exit code is the lowest health value found or 255 if an error occured or hard disk not found at all.

Command line switches

If you encounter any problems during the detection, please try /H, /M and/or /N options and let us know. Please include the type of motherboard and/or hard disk controller you use and the details of attached devices (number, connector type).

Please send saved XML or TXT reports, questions or ideas to info@hdsentinel.com to help improving this tool.


This edition is FREE. You can freely use it to analyse hard disk status (eg. when you're about to repair/verify/purchase an older used computer). It is useful to make a bootable floppy/CD/Pendrive with FreeDOS and this tool.

Note: it may be required to select "IDE" or "Legacy" mode in the BIOS for SATA controllers. If the SATA controller is configured into "RAID" mode, the detection may not be possible. From version 1.00.5, detection in "AHCI" mode should work also. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.


Hard Disk Sentinel for DOS - application only, should be copied to DOS boot device

Hard Disk Sentinel for DOS - installer, creates FreeDOS boot disk with HDS for DOS

Hard Disk Sentinel for DOS - bootable CD ISO image, does not require floppy drive/disk

Hard Disk Sentinel for DOS - Windows executable to make bootable USB drive with HDSDOS (pendrive, memory card)
Please read the instructions carefully on creating and using bootable USB drives.



  • fixed XML file syntax
  • 1.20

  • properly display SATA Gen3 (6Gb/s) transfer speed
  • properly display drive capacity over 2 TB
  • improved power on time, health, temperature display for various hard disks and SSDs
  • added support for 3000+ hard disks, SSDs, SSHDs supported in the Windows version (released since the previous DOS version)
  • improved AHCI controller support
  • 1.00.5

  • added AHCI controller support (Thanks to Jeff Leyda for helping in AHCI development)
  • added complete text description
  • displays highest temperature ever measured
  • create bootable USB drive with Hard Disk Sentinel DOS version
  • 0.04

  • added /AAM, /SETAAM, /SMART command line options
  • 0.03

  • Internal version, never released
  • 0.02

  • added /SEC, /ASK, /TXT command line options

  • improved compatibility with various hard disk controllers, motherboards, hard disks

  • added "countdown" before closing

  • improved CD/floppy images: allow F5/F8 to disable automatic start
  • Hard Disk Sentinel DOS version





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