Compatible external hard disks, enclosures

The latest versions of Hard Disk Sentinel is compatible with the following external hard disks and external hard disk enclosures to display temperature, health and complete S.M.A.R.T. information for such hard disks used in these external enclosures:

External hard disk or enclosure model, connectionCompatibleMin. Version with support
A.C. Ryan AluBox (eSata, USB)Yes Yes2.50
A.C. Ryan AluBoxDuo Two (ACR-HD51714)Yes Yes2.81
A-Data USB HDD CH91No No  
A-Data USB HDD NH01No No  
A-Data USB HDD NH92Yes Yes3.60
A-Data USB HDD SH93Yes Yes3.60
Accusys 75170Yes Yes4.50.5
Accusys 76510Yes Yes4.50.5
Aluratek AHDDUB100FNo No  
AMS Venus DS3 SATANo No  
AMS Venus T5C (Model DS-2350C) RAIDYes Yes5.30
AMS Venus T5J (Model DS-2350J) RAIDYes Yes5.30
AMS Venus T5C mini (Model DS-2250C) RAIDYes Yes5.30
AMS Venus T5J mini (Model DS-2250J) RAIDYes Yes5.30
Apricorn mSATA WireYes Yes5.30
Apricorn Fortress L3 hard diskYes Yes5.70
Apricorn Padlock 3 hard diskYes Yes5.70
Apricorn Secure Key ASK3 pendriveYes Yes5.70
Apricorn Secure Key ASK3z pendriveYes Yes5.70
Archos Inc. PC Hard DriveNo No  
AXAGON USB 3.0 SATA 6G Dual HDD DockYes Yes5.50
Buffalo HD-HXU3: DriveStationTM USB 3.0Yes Yes3.20
Cavalry CADA-SA2 USB - eSATAYes Yes4.40
Channel+ EnclosureNo No  
CineRAID CR-H212Yes Yes4.50
Chieftec CEB-35S Black Box SATAYes Yes2.40
COLTECH CE-607CU3 SATA+IDE -> USB 3.0 AdapterYes Yes5.30
COLTECH CE-912HU3 2xSATA - USB 3.0 adapterYes Yes5.30
Conceptronic CHD3ULNo No  
Conceptronic USB to IDE drive adapterNo No  
Cooler Master - RX-3HU (-LUB1-GP) (3.5") IDENo No  
Cooler Master - RX-3HU-S (3.5") IDEYes Yes2.02b
Cooler Master - RX-3SB (3.5") S-ATAYes Yes2.02b
Cooler Master - X-Craft 250No No  
Cooler Master - X-Craft 360No No  
Coolink HDIUB2A4No No  
Coolink HDIUB3ASSYes Yes2.40
Coolink HDSUB3A4Yes Yes2.40
Coolink HDSUB3A5-BYes Yes3.30
CRU DataPort 10 Yes Yes4.71
CRU DataPort 25 Yes Yes4.71
Datalocker DL4-SSD-1TB-FEYes Yes5.70
Delock 2.5" External Enclosure 42365 (IDE)No No  
Delock 42486 USB 3.0 SATAYes Yes4.30
Delock Enclosure #42474 USB 3.0Yes Yes3.20
Delock Docking Station #61732 USB 3.0Yes Yes3.20
DTK DG-352UN 3.5"No No  
Enermax Vanguard EB206U-B (2.5")Yes Yes2.02b
Etopmay TMHD-035DBYes Yes2.81
EWENT EW7014 2xSATA - USB 3.1Yes Yes5.30
External Case SATA (2.5")Yes Yes2.81
Fantec DB S35US2 SATA (3.5") USB/eSATAYes Yes3.10
Fantec QB-35US3 (eSATA, USB 3.0)Yes Yes4.20
FANTEC QB-X2US3R (USB 3.0 RAID) Yes Yes5.30
FreeCom External Hard Disk Drive XL (2TB)Yes Yes2.81
Fujitsu-Siemens STORAGEBIRD 35EV820 (500GB SATA)No No  
Fujitsu-Siemens Storagebird 35EV821Yes Yes2.50
Gembird EE2-U3S-2Yes Yes6.01
Glotrends 25R 2x2.5" RAIDYes Yes5.30
HD-338-U2C IDE-USB enclosureNo No  
Healing HSR999 Personal Video RecorderYes Yes2.40
Highpoint RocketStor SMART Backup 2xSATA - USB 3.0 adapterYes Yes5.30
HighPoint RocketStor 5122BYes Yes4.50
HP Advanced Dock multibay II HDD enclosureNo No  
HP Desktop hard diskYes Yes4.00
HP USB external hard diskYes Yes4.00
Hitachi Touro Desk Pro 3 TB externalYes Yes4.00
Icy Box IB-120CL-U3 dual SATA USB 3.0 dockYes Yes4.50
Icy Box IB-250StUYes Yes2.40
Icy Box IB-250StU3-BYes Yes3.20
Icy Box IB-250U (2.5")Yes Yes2.02b
Icy Box IB-250U-BNo No  
Icy Box IB-318StUS2-BYes Yes2.81
Icy Box IB-318StU3-B USB 3.0Yes Yes3.20
Icy Box IB-351U (3.5")Yes Yes2.02b
Icy Box IB-MP302S-B mediaplayerNo No  
Icy Box IB-RD3620SU3 USB3.0 RAIDYes Yes5.30
Icy Dock (2x2.5" -> 3.5" adapter)Yes Yes3.70
ICY DOCK MB662U3-2S R1 RAID external enclosureYes Yes5.50
Inateck FE2101Yes Yes5.50.12
Inateck SA03001 IDE+SATA -> USB 3.0 adapterYes Yes6.10.6
Ineoo I-NA320U+Yes Yes4.71
IOI ESU2-DSATA10 (eSata)Yes Yes2.40
IOI FWBU2DSATA11 (USB, Firewire)Yes Yes2.40
IOI IDE-SATA01Yes Yes2.40
IOI IDE-SATA04Yes Yes2.40
IOI SATA-IDE03Yes Yes2.40
IOI U2-EIDE01PYes Yes2.40
IOI U2-PSATA03SDYes Yes2.40
IOI U2FW-DSATA02Yes Yes2.40
IOMega PrestigeYes Yes3.70
JAYCAR XC4687 USB HDD docking stationYes Yes5.50
Kingwin ExShuttle 2000No No  
König - USB 2.0 HDD External Hard Disk Box SATA (CMP-MOBSTOR13)Yes Yes2.70
LaCie 1 TB driveYes Yes2.50
Lexar E6 USB NVMe adapterYes Yes6.10.6
Lexar E10 USB NVMe-SATA adapterYes Yes6.10
LC Power EH-35BE2Yes Yes2.81
LC-Power LC-25U3-Becrux, USB 3.0Yes Yes4.50
Mapower MAP-KC31U2 / USB 2.0No No  
Maxtor Basics DesktopYes Yes2.81
Maxtor One touch IINo No  
Maxtor One touch IIINo No  
Maxtor One touch IIIsNo No  
Maxtor One touch IVYes Yes2.81
Maxtor One touch proYes Yes2.81
Mediagate MG-45Yes Yes2.40
Mediasonic/Hotway H8R2-SU3S2No No  
Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 3.5 Black SATA I/II/III USB 3.0 & eSATA ProBox 8 BayYes Yes5.30
Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 (eSATA, USB 3.0)Yes Yes4.20
MediaSonic HFR7-SU31CH (4 HDD/SSD, dual RAID)Yes Yes6.10.4
Mediasonic HUR3-SU3S3Yes Yes4.71.7
Mediasonic Probox H21-SU3No No  
MegaDrive200 (Plus) (3.5")Yes Yes2.02b
MiniPro eSATA + USB 3.0 External 2.5" HDD and SSD enclosureYes Yes4.50
MSI Starbox SATA (2.5")Yes Yes2.81
Multicase ME-240 (3.5" removable rack for 2x 2.5" SATA hard disk)Yes Yes2.90
Multicase ST-1042SAS (5,25" SATA/SAS Backplane for 4x 2.5" hard disk)Yes Yes2.90
Multicase RE-251SSC (USB2.0 SATA Mobile Removable Rack)Yes Yes2.90
Multicase ME-235 (2.5"->3.5" SATA adapter)Yes Yes3.00
Multicase ME-752GN-S (eSATA+USB) (**)Yes Yes3.00
Multicase ME-940J (eSATA+USB2.0)Yes Yes2.90
Multicase Multi dock station (2.5" + 3.5" SATA)Yes Yes3.00
Natec Rhino NKZ-0481Yes Yes4.50
NewerTech Universal Drive AdapterYes Yes2.40
NewerTech IDE+SATA -> USB 3.0 AdapterYes Yes4.00.2
NEXT 742U3Combo SATA+IDE -> USB 3.0 AdapterYes Yes5.30
NEXT 943DCU3 2xSATA - USB 3.0 AdapterYes Yes5.30
Noontec GS3380Yes Yes2.60b
Noontec GS4382Yes Yes2.40
Noontec GV3621 MediaplayerYes Yes2.40
Noontec Noontec SH35JB SATA EIDEYes Yes2.40
Noontec SU25B (2.5") PATAYes Yes2.40
Novita External Storage S 35Yes Yes2.90
Orico eSATA + USB 3.0 2.5" Hard Disk EnclosureYes Yes4.50
Orico 2139U3 USB enclosureYes Yes5.50.12
Orico 2588S3 USB 3.0 SATA 6G 2.5" enclosureYes Yes4.71
Orico 2598S3 USB 3.0 SATA 6G 2.5" enclosureYes Yes4.71
Orico 3559U3 USB 3.0 5 drive enclosureYes Yes5.61.13
Orico 9528U3 Dual USB 3.0 external Hard Drive EnclosureYes Yes4.50
ORICO 9558RU3 USB RAID enclosureYes Yes5.61.4
ORICO 9618C3 USB3.2 Gen2 10Gbps dockYes Yes6.01
ORiCO M2PF-C3 SSD enclossureYes Yes6.10
ORICO USB3.0 to SATA Hard Drive Adapter (35UTS)Yes Yes4.71
OWC Mercury Elite Pro QuadYes Yes5.70
Oyen Digital MiniPro USB 3.0 external hard disk drive enclosureYes Yes4.40
Oyen Digital Minipro RAID USB 3.1Yes Yes5.20
Oyen Digital Mobius Pro 2CYes Yes5.70
Oyen Digital Mobius Pro 5CYes Yes6.10
Packard Bell Jumbo DiskYes Yes3.60
Packard Bell Save & Store USB 2.0 (3.5")Yes Yes2.02b
Packard Bell Save & Store 2400No No  
Packard Bell Save & Store 3500No No  
Pleiades Super S-ComboYes Yes2.70
Progear ME-235 (2.5"->3.5" SATA adapter)Yes Yes3.00
QNAP TL-D400SYes Yes6.10
QNAP TR-004 4-bay SATA RAID boxYes Yes5.50.11
Raidon GR2660-B3 RAIDYes Yes6.01
RaidON GR3630-2S-SB2Yes Yes4.71
Raidon GR3660-B3 RAIDYes Yes6.01
Raidon GR3680-SB3Yes Yes5.61
RaidON MR2020-2S-S2RYes Yes4.50.5
Raidsonic IB-1817M-C31 USB - NVMe SSD adapterYes Yes5.50.12
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-250StUYes Yes2.40
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-250StU3-BYes Yes3.20
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-250U (2.5")Yes Yes2.02b
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-250U-BNo No  
RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-268StU3-B, USB 3.0Yes Yes4.50
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-318StUS2-BYes Yes2.81
Raidsonic Icy Box IB-318StU3-B USB 3.0Yes Yes3.20
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-351U (3.5")Yes Yes2.02b
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-MP302S-B mediaplayerNo No  
RaidSonic Icy Box IB-RD2253-U31 RAIDYes Yes5.20
RaidSonic IB-RD3680SU3Yes Yes4.71.3
Revoltec Alu Guard 3.5" SATA to eSATA + USB 2.0 (RS047)Yes Yes2.50
Revoltec Alu Guard 2.5" SATA to eSATA + USBYes Yes3.10
Rosewill HDD Docking RX-DU101Yes Yes4.60
Rosewill HDD Docking RX-DU300Yes Yes4.60
Rosewill RX81U-ES-25BNo No  
RSHTech - Model RSH339Yes Yes5.30
Sabrent EC-UEIS7Yes Yes3.60
Sabrent USB 3.2 4-Bay 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Tray-Less Dock (DS-SC4B)Yes Yes6.10
Samsung D3 StationYes Yes4.40
Samsung G3 StationYes Yes3.40
Samsung S1 Portable external hard diskNo No  
Samsung S2 Portable external hard diskYes Yes2.90
Samsung STORYYes Yes3.00
Sans Digital TR4UTBPN (eSATA, USB 3.0, RAID)Yes Yes4.20
Seagate FreeAgent (USB)Yes Yes2.90
Seagate FreeAgent Desktop (USB)Yes Yes2.40
Seagate FreeAgent Extreme (USB)Yes Yes2.90
Seagate FreeAgent (eSATA)No No  
Sharkoon 5-Bay RAID Box Yes Yes5.30
Sharkoon QuickDeckPro USB 3.0No No  
Sharkoon Quickport DUO IIYes Yes4.30
Sharkoon Rapid Case 3.5" SATAYes Yes2.60b
Sharkoon Rapid Case USB 3.0Yes Yes4.50
Sharkoon Vertical Docking SingleYes Yes4.20
Shenzhen Leedo Wi-Data storage W3000PHYes Yes4.30
Silicon Power SP010TBPHDA80S3BYes Yes4.30
SilverStone RAVEN SST-RVS01 (eSATA, USB)Yes Yes3.00
SilverStone SST-DS221 Dual 2.5" SATA (*)Yes Yes3.10
Silverstone SST-MS04B Sext. 3.5" IDE->USB+FirewireNo No  
SilverStone TS231U-CYes Yes5.61
Spire GigaPod II (3.5" IDE)Yes Yes2.02b
Spire GigaPod III (3.5" IDE)Yes Yes2.40
Spire GigaPod SP222 (2.5")Yes Yes2.02b
Spire GigaPod VIII (SP 166SU-SL-EU)Yes Yes2.70
Spire GigaPod VIII (SP 166IU-BK)No No  
Spire HandyBook 3.5 IDE SP178IU-BKNo No  
Spire SP155 SU3-BK-EU (2.5 SATA -> USB3.0)Yes Yes3.70
SSK USB-NVMe adapterYes Yes5.50.12
Startech INFOSAFE 3.5" 4 Drive eSATA USB External Hard Drive Enclosure (SAT3540U2E)Yes Yes4.30
Startech S3510BMU33Yes Yes5.61
StarTech S3520BU33ER RAIDYes Yes6.01
Startech S3520WU33ER Dual 3.5" SATA III Hard Drive External RAID EnclosureYes Yes5.50
Startech SATA Hard Drive HDD Duplicator Dock SATDOCK22REYes Yes4.71
Startech SATDOCK2REU3Yes Yes5.30
STARTECH SDOCK2U313R 2xSATA - USB 3.1Yes Yes5.30
Startech SDOCK2U33RENo No  
Startech SDOCK4U313 4-bay dockYes Yes5.30.3
StarTech SDOCKU313E - USB 3.1Yes Yes6.01
Startech UNIDOCKU33No No  
Startech USB312SAT3Yes Yes5.30
Syba SY-ENC50104 4 Bay 3.5" SATA III HDD Non-RAID EnclosureYes Yes5.30
SYBA SY-ENC50119 8 Bay 3.5" SATA III HDD Non-RAID EnclosureYes Yes5.61.13
TACENS Portum Duo (2x SATA->USB)Yes Yes3.60
TACENS Portum Liber (2x SATA->USB)Yes Yes3.60
TACENS Vecto (eSATA, USB)Yes Yes3.60
Targa Databox 500 GBNo No  
TerraMaster-D5-300Yes Yes5.40
Thermaltake BlacX Duet 5G USB3.0 (2xHDD)Yes Yes3.70
Thermaltake Max4 A2294 (2.5")Yes Yes3.00
Thermaltake Max4 A2295 (3.5")Yes Yes3.00
Thermaltake Max5 A2296 (5.25")Yes Yes3.60
Thermaltake Muse A2291 (2.5")Yes Yes3.10
Thermaltake Muse A2292 (3.5")Yes Yes3.10
Thermaltake Muse A2293 (5.25")Yes Yes3.40
Transcend 25H3 2 TB USB 3.0Yes Yes4.50
TraxData MultimediaDrive HD playerNo No  
TrekStor DataStation maxi XpressNo No  
UGREEN USB 3.0 to SATA III Hard Drive Adapter 20636/20231Yes Yes5.60
UGREEN 60354 M.2 NVMe SSD USB adapterYes Yes5.60
UGREEN 60355 M.2 NGFF SSD USB adapterYes Yes5.60
Unitek S1201A USB 3.1 Gen2 to M.2 SSD PCIe/NVMeYes Yes5.50
Unitek Y-3027 double USB 3.1 Tpye C dockYes Yes5.50
Unitek Y-3356 4 drive RAID enclosureYes Yes5.61
Unitek Y-3371 dual SATA 2.5" RAID enclosureYes Yes5.50
USB 3.0 ALL IN 1 HDD Docking. Model 857U3Yes Yes5.01
USB-to-IDE+SATA adapter (cable with connectors)Yes Yes2.40
Vantec Nexstar 3 MX NST-360MX-S2 Dual Bay 2x 3.5" SATA to USB2.0Yes Yes2.90
Vantec HX4(R) (eSATA, USB 3.0, RAID)Yes Yes4.20
Vantec NexStar3 SuperSpeed NST-380SU3-BKYes Yes4.00
Vantec NexStar GX dual 2.5" RAID Yes Yes6.10
Vantec NexStar NST-D300SU3Yes Yes4.10
Vantec NexStar TX Dual Bay USB 3.0 Hard Drive Dock NST-D428S3-BKYes Yes5.50
Verbatim (USB)Yes Yes3.10
VIPower IDE USB 2.0 SwapRack VP-1028LSFNo No  
VP-9208 + VP-9054 (Smart cable and enclosure)Yes Yes2.40
Welland ME-280J (eSATA+USB dual)Yes Yes3.50
Welland ME-580J (eSATA+USB dual)Yes Yes3.50
Welland ME-601S USB 3.0 Yes Yes3.20
Welland ME-752S USB 3.0 Yes Yes3.20
Welland ME-752GNS (eSATA+USB) (**)Yes Yes3.00
Western Digital Elements Portable 500 GB USB 3.0Yes Yes4.50
Western Digital Game DriveYes Yes5.40
Western Digital Mybook Premium II (*)Yes Yes3.10
Western Digital Mybook Studio Edition IIYes Yes2.50
Western Digital Mybook Essential (3.5") (USB)Yes Yes2.11
Western Digital Mybook Home Edition (3.5") (USB)Yes Yes2.11
Western Digital Mybook Pro (3.5") (USB)Yes Yes2.11
Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2 TB USB 3.0Yes Yes4.50
Western Digital Mybook (eSATA)No No  
Western Digital Mybook 3.0Yes Yes3.20
Western Digital Mybook Studio LXYes Yes5.01
Western Digital Passport (2.5")Yes Yes2.05
Winstars Communicator C2 IDE/SATA docking stationYes Yes4.71
Wintech EX-MOB-85No No  
Wolverine USB FlashPac 7000No No  
XT-XINTE USB 3.1 Type-C USB-NVMe adapterYes Yes5.50.12
Yottamaster FS5U3Yes Yes5.61.13


  • Hard Disk Sentinel detects and displays the status (health, temperature, statistics, S.M.A.R.T. status) for ALL hard disk drives / SSDs in multi (2-4-5) drive enclosures marked with RAID in the list.

  • With some older multi drive enclosures (supporting two or more hard disks) the disk drives should be configured as standalone / JBOD mode. Using RAID setting may prevent the detection and display of hard disk status information and details.

  • (*): only the first hard disk health and temperature displayed on eSATA connection but both hard disk health and temperature displayed on USB connection.

  • (**): NAS devices on the Ethernet line do not provide access to the hard disk thus disk information is displayed only using USB or eSATA connection.

If you have any external hard disk (or enclosure), please send a report about your configuration by using Send test report to developer option in the main window. Please include the type (manufacturer, model) of your external hard (enclosure) also. Reports help in further development of Hard Disk Sentinel.

Thank you very much for your help.



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