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Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Features

  • displays remote host and hard disk/SSD details including temperature, health, performance, lifetime, connection status, self test status

  • manage hard disk status remotely

  • provides statistics about remote hosts, hard disk drives and overall system status

  • logs events happened on any remote client (for example, high temperature, low health, new hard disk drive inserted or existing hard disk drive removed - it is possible to keep track of removable drives/pendrives)

  • wide range of alerts (simple notification, sound alert, message on screen, network message, e-mail) can be associated for any event

  • displays global log or log for a selected client

  • remote control and management features (start short and extended self test on remote hard disks)

  • easy configuration and host setup - add single hosts, all hosts from domain/workgroup or by an IP range

  • intuitive, easy to use, multilingual user interface

  • used/free space details [*]

  • showing and highlighting worst hard disks (lowest health and highest temperature) [*]

  • customisable user interface, task bar icons showing worst health and highest temperature [*]

    Tray icons showing critical values
  • removing hosts from monitoring and archiving host information for re-use [*]

  • execute configured backup/test projects on remote host(s) [*]

  • verify project execution and results [*]

  • remote configuration of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional software running on the clients and auto-apply configuration on selected clients [*]

  • manage any number of hard disks remotely (change acoustic levels, tests) [*]

  • detailed statistics with graphical display (chart) of information provided by clients: checking how hard disk health/temperature/free space or system-parameters (CPU/RAM/Virtual memory usage) changes with time [*]

  • Windows Silent client (NT Service) is also available which displays no information/alerts on the client computers, just communicates with the Enterprise Server [*]

  • Linux client (daemon) is also available which can be monitored from the Enterprise Server [*]

  • Dashboard function: showing most important information on highly visible indicators [*]

[*] : Not available in the downloadable DEMO version

Quick Setup

To start monitoring the clients (if the Accept remote connections from server option is enabled in the installed Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, under Configuration -> Integration page), just start Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server and select Configure client hosts.

Add hosts (for example, use Add Domain/workgroup, and select the workgroup to monitor the local network). Test the connection to make sure there are no problems (no firewall issues) and then just press the "Play" button to start monitoring.


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