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Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Purchase

A demo version of the Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server application is available for all registered users of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional. It can be used to evaluate some major features but will be limited to use only for evaluation purposes (with some features limited), for up to 30 days.

To download, please click on this direct download link of Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server demo.

If you are interested in Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise to use the registered version without any limitations and fully control storage devices in your network, please contact us with the amount of clients you want to control and manage. Then a complete, latest, fully functional evaluation package will be built exclusively for you to verify all functions, features, compatibility - without obligations.

Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise version has the following features:

Client Side:

  • fully functional Hard Disk Sentinel Professional on client computers
  • no registration and activation required
  • lifetime license with automatic and free updates over the internet

Server side:

  • displays all hard disk drive status information to help identify possible problems, quickly point on critical hard disks with worst status
  • configurable and adjustable user interface
  • wide range of alerts (sound alert, messages, e-mail alerts and so)
  • use different thresholds configured for each clients
  • client-based and global log and alert options
  • free upgrade and support

Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise price

All licenses of Hard Disk Sentinel (including the Enterprise) are lifetime with lifetime free updates to all future versions.
There are no annual subscription / renewal / upgrade costs, the price is one time. The license can be moved to new systems when the old systems are no longer used / replaced, the only requirement is that at any given time, the software should be active on the amount of computers defined by the license.


Price Per Computer

  Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise

      Package contents:

  • Enterprise Server
  • Professional client
    (automatically registered)
  • pre-configured installers


$21.95 USD


$18.95 USD


$16.95 USD


$14.95 USD


$11.95 USD


$9.95 USD


$7.95 USD

To order the Enterprise version, please send your inquiry with the number of clients to be monitored.


The registered package may contain pre-configured version of both the client and server software. This way the software will run completely configured after installation - so no further actions required. The Enterprise package can be ordered with silent client instead of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional which has no user interface and provides no statistics, displays, alerts on the client computers, just maintains connection with the Server and provides information for the centralised management console (the Server). The silent client option reduces the complete package price by 40% (forty percent).


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