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Screenshots from Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

Main window with menu and quick buttons for faster navigation. Health history graph and textual description about hard disk status.

Store and display the current S.M.A.R.T. attributes, their description and history. It is possible to control how attributes should be used to determine hard disk status and set offset values for the attributes.

Results of a completed surface test, showing revealed / detected / repaired problems and status change.

Verify temperature and test performance (speed) during and after the test.

Main window (captured under Windows XP).

S.M.A.R.T. attribute history (captured under Windows XP).

Hard disk surface test configuration with detailed information about the tests

Image showing hard disk surface test options to fine-tune test settings and maximise hard disk testing and repair efficiency.

Surface of a failed hard disk drive with low health

Surface of a perfect hard disk drive with 100% health

Hard disk temperature and actual transfer rate measured and displayed on the image

Disk Contents Inspector lets you to peek the sectors stored on the hard disk

Adjust Free Fall Control Sensitivity of the hard disk drive (if supported) in this window

Configure custom temperature thresholds for different hard disk drives in this window

Easily configure the folder(s) for both scheduled and panic backup

Lots of file synchronization, filtering and transfer options are available

Integrate the software to your existing system and protect with password

Panic backup projects to be executed when there is a problem with any or a specific hard disk

Alerts: different actions for yellow and red levels

Options to configure thresholds for different levels and associate colors on the tray icon for the levels

Test hard disk drive seek time performance, noise level, temperature in this window. Useful to verify after acoustic management and stress-test hard disks with a longer test

Verify hard disk information online: compare details with other values received in reports

S.M.A.R.T. offsets lets you acknowledge and clear previous problems and adjust temperature sensor measurement

Comprehensive support for SSD devices including SSD specific information

Remote access hard disk status information from web browser, even on a tablet, smartphone or PDA

Authentication required to prevent unauthorized access

Make the hard disk drive more silent or let it perform with fastest performance. Test noise and performance levels immediately!

Detailed statistics about hard disk temperature, including highest temperature ever measured by the hard disk drive (including the period where Hard Disk Sentinel was not active)

Option to display information directly on desktop

Intuitive tray icon showing temperature with the colors defined

Displays SSD specific attributes and health based on SSD specific methods

Right click to select the size of buttons and option to hide hard disk drives, devices


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