Revision History

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 6.01 (15/3/2022)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.70 (19/1/2021)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.61 (12/3/2020)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.50 (11/7/2019)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.40 (20/3/2019)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.30 (17/7/2018)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.20 (23/3/2018)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 5.01 (9/3/2017)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.71 (31/1/2016)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.60 (13/1/2015)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.50 (30/1/2014)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.40 (11/7/2013)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.30 (22/2/2013)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.20 (18/1/2013)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.10 (6/8/2012)

Updates in Hard Disk Sentinel 4.00 (1/2/2012)

Updates in previous versions



Improvements and new features:

Improved hardware support:

Bug fixes, further modifications:



Improvements and new features:

Improved hardware support:

Bug fixes, further modifications:














  • random seek test function (File menu or by quick button or from Acoustic Management window) to test hard disk noise, seek performance and temperature during long test and excessive usage

  • detection of disks configured to RAID arrays on ARECA RAID controllers

  • detects up to 24 disks on 3ware/AMCC and Areca RAID controllers

  • detection of disks connected to Silicon Image PATA and SATA controllers

  • detection of disks connected to NVidia NForce, VIA, ITE controllers

  • detection of new USB drives

  • detection of different SSD devices

  • more details and features of SSD devices

  • right click over list of drives to hide drives or select button sizes

  • added hints when mouse is moved over list of drives

  • +/- icon symbol, if one or more attribute offset is enabled and they affect the displayed information

  • many user interface fixes and improvements

  • improved and more flexible projects (ignore files in use, allow file-masks in e-mail/FTP projects, etc.)

  • improved reports

  • 500+ new hard disks in database

  • fixed: copy alerts to clipboard was not working properly

  • fixed: disk log attribute issues

  • various minor bug fixes

  • 2.81

  • minor fix with displaying S.M.A.R.T. details

  • 2.80

  • compatible with Windows 7 32/64 bit (including service mode, auto-start, gadget, etc.)

  • improved Vista compatibility and user interface

  • improved hard disk details for newer disk drives

  • improved detection and display of USB devices

  • added support of 3ware 7xxx controllers (detecting and displaying details about drives in RAID arrays)

  • added support of Samsung, Intel SSD devices

  • improved tray icon handling

  • improved disk power on time calculation and display from the first launch

  • better detection of Seagate FreeAgent and Maxtor external disks

  • displaying more details in the text description, based on disk and controller type, health

  • reports contain CPU, physical and virtual memory usage

  • improved temperature graphs

  • showing maximum and minimum temperature ever measured for all disks

  • improved speed, lower CPU usage

  • various other improvements (tray icons, disk health and temperature meters, etc.)

  • fixed project schedule under Vista and newer OS

  • fixed Sidebar gadget under Vista x64

  • fixed the error displayed during connection with server, improved connection stability

  • fixed minor issues when Fahrenheit temperature unit is selected

  • user interface fixes (configuration and main window)

  • 2.70

  • Added support for newer NVidia chipsets and different previously unsupported controllers

  • Added 300+ new hard disks to database

  • Properly support Dutch language (thanks to Geert Pirens)

  • Properly support Ukrainian language (thanks to Alexey Lugin)

  • Improved speed and responsiveness of the software

  • Detecting and displaying hard disk controller and location information

  • Detecting and displaying new disk features (free-fall control, NV cache size, etc.)

  • Detecting and displaying more version and transport details

  • Menu and report changes, improvements

  • A new icon showing the real-time disk usage is automatically displayed after installing or upgrading to this version:

    The icon shows the actual disk usage for read (upper light blue bar) and write (lower orange bar) operations on all hard disks. It is empty (no bars, just a hard disk icon) if the disk usage is very low or zero. Total data read and written in the current session and actual data transfer rates are displayed in the hint of the icons.

    If you want to disable this feature, please do the following:
    - right click on the tray icon and select "Configuration"
    - in the window, please select "Hard Disk Drives" page (it is the default)
    - uncheck "Display total disk usage on a single tray icon" option (last one)

    After pressing "OK", the icon will disappear.

  • 2.60b

  • Added support for 3Ware ATA RAID controllers: displaying full hard disk information about all hard disks in the array(s). It is possible to modify acoustic configuration and test hard disks individually also. Tested with 3ware 8006-2LP PCI64 SATA1 RAID controller, 3ware 9550SX-4LP PCI-X SATA2 RAID controller

  • Added support for SunPlusIT USB-bridge chips

  • Added support for Initio USB-bridge chips

  • Added support for Prolific USB-bridge chips

  • Configuration -> Hard Disk Drives: Added option to display hard disk usage (activity) indicators on tray icons: these show the actual disk usage for read (upper light blue bar) and write (lower orange bar) operations. Total data read and written in the current session and actual data transfer rates are displayed in the hint of the icons.

    Note: the unregistered version can only display one combined icon for all disks (but not individual icons for each hard disks)

  • Detection of power status of hard disks, keep sleeping disks in sleeping status (except when started). Displaying sleeping status on disk usage (activity) indicators (3rd icon on the above image, "zz" in a bubble).

    For example on the above picture: copying from disk #0 to disk #2 while disk #1 is in sleep mode. Disk usage (activity) of disk #0 is high (3 light blue "leds") but it still wait to disk #2 which is writing at full disk usage (4 orange "leds") so the bottleneck is disk #2. Usually all "leds" are visible under defragmentation.

  • Added option to display only part of S.M.A.R.T. attribute raw data (High/Middle/Low word) on the attribute graph and in the attribute tables (only if decimal attribute values are selected)

  • Improved detection and health display on older Maxtor hard disks

  • Minor fixes (sound alert, tray icons, performance counters)

    PRO Version:

  • Adding unicode processing method, correctly handling files with unicode characters in their name

  • Added "Backup Control" page to configure backup operations and control synchronize options, specify filters

  • Added one-way and two-way synchronization options for backup operations

  • Added easy configuration of source and target folders (select folders quickly with checkboxes)

  • Added option to Pause and Continue execution of archiving projects

  • 2.50

  • improved compatibility with Vista and UAC: does not ask for privileges after installation and startup

  • added lowest hard disk health [XX %] to the subject of e-mails

  • improved report sending (test report window fixed and uses less memory compared to previous version)

  • window and user interface fixes, more improvements under Vista

  • compatibility problem fixed with motherboards with VIA chipset, Samsung HD161HJ hard disks, some CF cards and microdrives

  • improved detection routines (faster and more stable detection), improved acoustic management

  • minor fixes and additions (better Dynamic DNS update, project execution, hot keys, reports)

  • added 800+ hard disks to hard disk database (now contains 2652)

  • 2.40
  • detecting and displaying all information (health, temperature, etc.) and option to set acoustic level and start hard disk self tests on different USB hard disks. These are (for example):
    - WD MyBook Essential / Home / Pro
    - VP-9208 + VP-9054 (Smart cable and enclosure)
    - Seagate FreeAgent Desktop
    - USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter (cable with connectors)
    More external hard disks are possible with same controller (USB bridge) chips from various vendors. The list on the hardware compatibility page contains all known supported external hard disks. If you use ANY USB hard disk, please send report with the new version if Hard Disk Sentinel does or does not detect and display detailed information (health, temperature, etc.) about it.

  • improved detection routines (faster and more stable detection), improved compatibility with card readers

  • added MTron SSD support: displaying health value of MTron SSD

  • added multi language installer

  • added option to disable all USB and SCSI detection (Configuration, Disk Control)

  • added option to disable tray icon bubbles (Configuration, Alerts)

  • added "send report to developer" to main window main menu and toolbar. Hard Disk Sentinel now sends report directly to the server (better and faster)

  • added more functions to main menu (set acoustic level and test hard disk)

  • added quick menus to select report format when "save report" or "send report" buttons used on main window

  • added "check new version" option to main menu. Checking updates internally, updater starts only when new version needs to be downloaded

  • added option to specify disk space and partition space units for display, alert, reports (Configuration, Preferences)

  • added option to send report with CC (Carbon copy) / BCC (Blind carbon copy)

  • display "estimated" after power on time and added hint text during the test of power on time (while it is grey)

  • display remote path for network drives when the drive is selected

  • added "Alert" log page for each hard disks. All alerts created in response of an event (for example high temperature, low health, etc.) are listed here

  • added "Cancel" and "Help" buttons into Configuration window

  • option to send disk test window into background, option to start hard disk test on two or more drives at the same time. Saves and displays the duration of last disk tests also

  • PRO version: added "Test hard disk(s)" project. It is possible to start hard disk test on one or more hard disks at specified time(s) or upon an event (for example when the health is low). The results of the tests with the list of new problems found can be sent in e-mail when the project finished

  • added option to clear hard disk log

  • added option to automatically update DNS information for IP by DynDNS, No-IP and custom dynamic DNS service

  • added Vista Sidebar support: option to display hard disk temperature and health on Sidebar. SideBar look and displayed information can be configured by the "Status window" settings. Option to display hard disk usage (real time graph) on SideBar. This later option can cause high CPU load if two or more hard disks are used in the system.

  • improved Vista compatibility, added Vista manifest, fixed Vista service issues

  • hard disk database now contains 1797 hard disks

  • fixed bug when using Fahrenheit temperature unit or switching between units

  • better detection of mail accounts

  • window and user interface fixes, improvements, menu improvements

  • 2.10
  • minor fixes and improvements

  • 2.08b

    Standard and Professional versions:

    • added option to automatically create and update XML file with the current results and configuration (Configuration, Advanced Options) (*)

    • added option to start short hardware S.M.A.R.T. self-test on IDE/S-ATA hard disks (Main window, Disk Information panel)

    • added option to start extended and conveyance S.M.A.R.T. self-tests on IDE/ATA hard disks (if supported) (Main window, Disk Information panel) (*)

      (extended HARDWARE self-test: verifies all hard disk components and scan the surface for errors. Unlike software tests, the hardware test verifies weak and not perfect sectors and reallocates them to the spare area).

    • date and results of last S.M.A.R.T. self tests are automatically saved, displayed and included in reports.

      Notes about self-tests:
      • when an error is found, the element causing the error (electrical, servo, etc.) is displayed
      • it is possible to use the disk during the self test. Usually the HDD LED is dark during the test but it may be audible that the disk is working
      • the test can slow down regular disk operations (and disk operations slow down the test). It is not recommended to perform too much disk operations during the test
      • "estimated test time" values are provided by the hard disk itself. The actual test may take much more time to complete

        S.M.A.R.T. self test status and option to run self tests

    • HTTP server (WebStatus) option (Configuration, Integration) (*)
      If enabled, it is possible to examine disk status from a remote computer/phone/PDA by using a web browser. Optionally password can be used to prevent unauthorized access.
      Possible queries:
      • http://server:port/status   : displays status window (as configured) and it is automatically updated (by default in every 5 minutes). The window has no margins/borders and it is ideal to insert into any IFRAME of a webpage.
      • http://server:port/statuswin.bmp   : status window, but only the image (not updated automatically)
      • http://server:port/report   : detailed HTML report
      • http://server:port/xml   : complete XML report (see above)

      For example: if the option is enabled on the local computer and the default settings are used, enter http://localhost:61220/status into a browser to examine hard disk information

      It is possible to combine the status windows of different computers into a single webpage and use it to remotely verify the status of hard disk(s) in such computers.

      Notes: requests other than the above returns "403 Forbidden", all requests are logged with IP and date to "NetLog.txt" file. No file or other information can be retrieved by this function.

        Hard disk status displayed in a remote browser (on a PDA)

    • displays message to download the proper version (standard/PRO) when a registration code used which was designed to register the other version

    • disk space alert: low disk space threshold can be specified by in units of megabytes, not just %

    • password confirmation is required (Configuration, Integration)

    • it is possible to show/hide SMART attribute descriptions and comments (by default, they are hidden). Comments are displayed as a hint when mouse is over an attribute.

    • it is possible to switch between dec/hex display of SMART attribute raw values (Main window, right click on SMART table)

    • it is possible to modify the size of SMART attribute list and graph

    • added option to specify items to include in detailed text/HTML report (Configuration, Message settings) (*)

    • multiple e-mail recipients can be specified, separated by comma (,)

    • option to backup current configuration and registration details (Configuration, Update) (*)

    • option to restore previously saved configuration and registration details

    • hard disk temperature icon: background/foreground can be transparent (specify custom color RED=254, GREEN=254, BLUE=255 color for transparent background/foreground)

    • application/service automatically stopped before uninstall

    • minimize button displayed on status window is changed to close (red X)

    • report contains network adapters, report elements (CPU, BIOS, device list under Vista) are modified and fixed

    • report contains optical drive information (drive name, firmware version and read/write capabilities)

    • hard disk database updated

    • displays warning when the temperature sensor detects impossible high value

    • displaying new IDE/ATA hard disk features

    • displays warning on Win98/ME if the S.M.A.R.T. driver is missing

    • fixed: HTML report

    • fixed: weekly update was not working in all cases

    • fixed: main window size/position was not perfectly saved

    • fixed: main window when using large fonts/120 DPI

    • fixed: total transfer rate counters

    • fixed: does not (incorrectly) display S.M.A.R.T. values on some RAID arrays

    • fixed: compatibility problem with slow memory card readers

    • fixed: compatibility problem with EPSON Stylus R300

    • fixed: S-ATA hard disk performance value, health value on Fujitsu hard disks

    (*): available only in registered version

    Professional version:

    • send files/folders by e-mail (*)
      it is possible to configure any number of files or folders to send in mail(s)
      there are options to
      • send all files in a single e-mail
      • send all files in separate e-mails (one file per mail)
      • send e-mails with minimum size limit

    • transfer files/folders by FTP (*)
      • options to configure address/port/user/password and passive mode if neccessary
      • option to keep last X backups on FTP server (automatically deletes older backups)

        Archive (upload) files to FTP server

    • option to export registry keys/sections to file (*)

    • power ON computer(s) remotely on network (Wake on lan) (*)
      it is possible to wait until the computer(s) are ready (respond to PING)

        Power on computer on network

    • power OFF or restart computer(s), switch PC to standby or hibernate state (*)

    • fixed: previous version did not remove old backups on Win98/ME

    • shorter e-mail subjects used when sending project report/status information

    (*): available only in registered version

  • added service and EXE descriptions
  • added Czech language file (thanks for Mr. Bohuslav Bradac)
  • added Vista style hard disk icons
  • added detailed driver information to raw reports
  • updating real time disk transfer rate graphs when the main window is not visible
  • it is possible to uninstall the service when stopping with shortcut from Hard Disk Sentinel program group
  • displaying warning before entering service mode under Vista
  • major user interface fixes and improvements (graphs, graph controls, SCSI S.M.A.R.T. list, window position, size and minimize command)
  • S.M.A.R.T. list background image removed to improve speed and reduce memory usage
  • fixed problem when displaying log

  • 2.02 beta
  • detecting temperature, health and S.M.A.R.T. information about hard disks in USB hard disk enclosures using Cypress AT2+ USB/ATA chip
  • added acoustic management configuration for hard disks in USB hard disks, USB hard disk enclosures using Cypress AT2+ USB/ATA chip
  • added Integration panel to Configuration window
  • added option to protect configuration and main window with password
  • added option to run Hard Disk Sentinel as NT service instead of plain application (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • added Hard Disk Sentinel service control shortcuts (start, stop service)
  • fixed "power on time" detection for Maxtor, Seagate, WDC hard disks
  • automatically re-test and correctly display "power on time" values and added option to "Re-test" any time
  • displaying much more detailed information about ATA hard disks (security, S-ATA features, physical information, etc) and saving these information into report files
  • added hard disk database to display more details about any type of hard disks (the database is under construction, we constantly add new hard disk details)
  • (PRO) fixed problem when too much project configured
  • improved S.M.A.R.T. detection, works faster and more reliable (especially on VIA chipsets)
  • added average hard disk usage (%) and average hard disk transfer rate display to "Disk Performance" panel
  • fixed temperature icons in 16/24 bit display modes
  • fixed physical disk numbers when using hard disks without partitions
  • added NVIDIA GPU temperature to reports (for GeForce 6200 and above)

  • 2.00
  • added option to use transparent background for status window
  • menu color and icon fixes

  • 1.80b
  • improved detection routine for IDE, SCSI and S-ATA/S-ATA II hard disks
  • added detection for S-ATA Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
  • added detection of full SCSI S.M.A.R.T. information
  • HTML and text report fixes and improvements, added transfer rate information
  • automatically re-send daily e-mail report later if the e-mail cannot be sent
  • supports large fonts and non 96 DPI desktops
  • option to display information directly on desktop
  • option to sending mouse clicks to window under the status window
  • fixed: drive icons restored after exiting HD Sentinel

  • 1.71b
  • improved detection engine for both IDE, S-ATA and SCSI hard disks
  • added option to test sound alert
  • improved remaining lifetime calculation for new hard disks
  • user interface fixes and improvements (status window, graphs, tray icons)
  • added full Italian help (thanks to Luciano)
  • added option to create shortcut to the desktop for a project
  • added new folder archiving options
  • added projects to automatically use Ahead (TM) NERO to burn files to optical disk
  • added projects to automatically use RarSoft (TM) WINRAR and free 7-ZIP to compress files
  • minor fixes and improvements.

  • 1.70b
  • added full context sensitive help (English and Hungarian). Press F1 any time to display the help.
  • verifies ATA checksum and control byte.
  • several fixes and improvements.

  • 1.65b
  • fixed problem when removing USB hard disks/pendrives.
  • improved speed and detection algorythm for all type of hard disks.
  • added function to test NET SEND connection and repeat sending network message in case of a network problem or if the target computer is not accessible.
  • option to use the PC speaker instead of sound card and option to repeat sound alerts until they are confirmed by the "disable sound alerts" button. Added a new sound alert (HDsirena.mp3) also.
  • added option to re-enable alerts for all problems. All alerts are automatically re-enabled after midnight.
  • added power on time, remaining lifetime and hard disk details to reports.
  • added Portuguese-Br language support (thanks to Rossini Reis).
  • some minor improvements and changes.
  • added option to specify minimum amount of data to backup and to make alert if there is not enough data to backup. Added sound alert (can be repetitive) upon backup problem.

  • 1.40
  • added "message settings" panel to configure message options
  • added option to dial up and close default internet connection before and after sending e-mail
  • added option to send network message
  • added option to display problem on the screen (and also option to display custom message)
  • added option to make alert when condition is too low (under a threshold)
  • measuring HDD usage time and display power on time based on the measure
  • optimized code to take less memory
  • added condition % values to all status and alert e-mails
  • option to save average and max. temperature statistics to JPG or BMP image
  • saves Ultra ATA CRC errors to disk problem log
  • interface changes, improvements
  • fixed problem with low disk space email
  • fixed problem with drive icon restore on Windows shutdown

  • 1.33
  • added power on time display and estimated lifetime display
  • changed icon, interface updates, fixes, faster initialisation
  • fixed problem with scandisk disable
  • fixed problem with displaying installation date
  • added option to specify initial scandisk delay
  • added option to specify SMTP port
  • added computer name to subject of e-mails sent
  • better multi-language support
  • added Chinese (traditional) language (thanks to HTakumi)
  • added Italian language (thanks to Luciano S.)
  • added Spanish language (thanks to William Wiegand)

  • 1.32
  • completely changed atomic clock update engine
  • fixed problem when enabling/disabling atomic clock update
  • fixed problem with Ghost
  • fixed problem with read/write statistics on drives used in mobile rack
  • fixed task bar problems
  • fixed problem with ACDSee
  • fixed: maximum disk temperatures did not reset after midnight
  • disk status display optimized, removed flicker of task bar icon
  • free space of remote and removable drives are not monitored by default
  • changed free space "pie" display
  • increased compatibility

  • 1.31
  • displays all partitions, removable drives and remote drives on Partition information page
  • displays used and free space, volume label, serial number and other information for drives on Partition information page
  • checks newly inserted pendrives, USB disks and display corresponding icon for devices
  • automatically re-freshes modified icons in Windows Explorer
  • re-designed icons: used space is displayed on top and current status is displayed in the lower right corner
  • displaying icon with yellow exlamation mark for hard disks under 50% condition
  • new icon for remote (network) drives
  • added options to customize which logical drives should be monitored automatically
  • added options to customize which drives should keep original icons (instead of displaying free space and health status on icon)
  • added hot keys to access major features easily (available only in registered version)
  • Chinese language support (thanks to LordFox)
  • better compatibility with IDE/SATA hard disks under Windows 2000/XP
  • added option to send test e-mail message to verify e-mail configuration
  • fixed bug with log update after critical parameter change

  • 1.30
  • added detection of SCSI disks, displaying their status, temperature and performance (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • added option to display hard disk status and used space on default icons for each partitions
  • improved acoustic configuration features, better compatibility with some hard disks
  • RAID arrays are displayed (without SMART informations of disks in array)
  • fixed problem with temperature display for hard disks if RAID array is installed
  • fixed problem with disk performance display
  • fixed problem with temperature icons
  • fixed problem with disk space thresholds under Win98
  • minor bug fixes
  • improved condition calculation method for FUJITSU hard disks
  • added German language support (Thanks to Kurt Lettmaier)

  • 1.20
  • added controlling acoustic management for IDE hard disks
  • added option to synchronize clock to atomic clock
  • added option to disable automatic scandisk on Windows start
  • added option to send mail/play sound/shut down when disk space is low
  • it is possible to view temperature and condition of all hard disk drives in a single window
  • added the above display on startup after splash screen
  • added splash screen countdown
  • added HELP to installation package (English and French)
  • added default sound file for warnings
  • SATA speeds are displayed correctly (150 or 300 MB/s)
  • major UI fixes and improvements

  • 1.12
  • sends total and free space statistics in e-mails for all logical drives
  • option to specify detection frequency
  • icons turn to yellow / orange / red as temperature increases
  • option to play sound on failure, overheat or new log entry
  • saves and displays average temperature for all days
  • saves and displays maximum temperature for all days
  • status window color can be freely changed
  • UI fixes and improvements

  • 1.11
  • updated disk condition calculation method
  • display translators in About box
  • UI fixes and improvements
  • faster and more reliable initialisation engine
  • French language is updated (Thanks to Sébastien ROSETE)

  • 1.10b
  • option to display any number of temperatures on the system tray
  • option to display only the highest temperature on the system tray
  • option to snap window to the screen edges
  • displays installation date and daily average reads/writes
  • columns can be sorted on SMART details page
  • left column is automatically resized on HDD details and performance pages
  • double click on system tray icon opens small status window
  • added minimise icon to small status window if mouse is moved over it
  • details window can be resized and maximised
  • working under Win95/Win98/Win98SE/WinME
  • added log feature: store all critical SMART parameter degradations
  • option to send email on new log entry (when critical SMART parameter is decreasing)
  • option to shut down computer when a new entry is added to the log
  • option to shut down computer when hard disk problem is detected
  • option to shut down computer when hard disk temperature exceeds a limit
  • updated disk condition calculation method
  • added warning text if hard disk is not responding
  • removed fade and splash display is improved
  • added option to display application on task bar also
  • added option to send daily e-mail report about status
  • registration and activation is required to use registered features: email sending and shut down
  • option to auto update Hard Disk Sentinel via internet
  • optimized report generation
  • changed configuration user interface
  • does not display USB devices as hard disks
  • major and minor bug fixes
  • many UI improvements
  • Romanese language is supported (Thanks to Cristian Stefan)
  • Russian language is supported (Thanks to Rustranslator)
  • French language is updated (Thanks to Philippe Aguesse)

  • 1.05a
  • Changed e-mail address

  • 1.05
  • Added option to send e-mail status of current configuration
  • Option to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Option to select font for small status window
  • Displays if hard disk supports queue feature and queue length
  • Displays if hard disk is a S-ATA one
  • French language file is changed (Thanks to Sébastien ROSETE)
  • Minor updates, bug and typo fixes

  • 1.04
  • Added option to send e-mail alerts when failure predicted
  • Added option to send e-mail alerts when temperature threshold reached
  • Memory usage reduced
  • Fixed problem with Copy to clipboard option (right mouse click on pages showing details)
  • Displays application icon on system tray instead of 00 if HDD does not support temperature detection

  • 1.03
  • French language is supported (Thanks to Mr Philippe AGUESSE)

  • 1.02
  • Improved performance updating

  • 1.01
  • Improved navigation, more menu options and better status updating

  • 1.00
  • First initial version released

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